Bright Path’s 12-week Digital Engineering program provides instruction and hands-on training for students to gain practical knowledge, day-to-day working scenarios, tools, and technologies currently used in the market. This will allow students to unlock new opportunities and pursue vocational opportunities in the industry as a Software Engineer, QA Automation Engineer, QA Analyst, or Software Development Engineer in Test. This certification helps individuals develop the skills necessary to perform all activities related to software test automation and better understand the broad range of test tools and techniques in automation test development.

See what will you learn

The program provides instruction and training for participants to begin working in the industry as an IT professionals. At the end of this program, the participants will learn to understand the following:

  • Software Development Life Cycle (SDLC)

  • Fundamental concepts in software testing, which includes software testing objectives, process, criteria, strategies, and methods.

  • Various software testing issues and solutions in software unit testing, integration, regression, and system testing.

  • Techniques and skills on how to use modern software testing tools to support software testing projects.

  • Planning a test project, design test cases, conduct testing operations, manage software problems and defects, generate a testing report.

Course Outline

This course does NOT require prior knowledge and experience and it is open to everyone. This course is designed for those who want a Career in Software Engineering.

  • Instructor's name

    Poran Kazi &
    Mohammed M.
  • Available Seats

  • Schedule

    Tu/Th 7-10pm or
    Sa/Su 10am-3pm
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