This program will provide extensive expertise in digital products and business analysis. Our students will master the concepts and skills required for an active digital business career and become experts in requirement gathering, Excel, Jira, SQL, and Agile Scrum Foundation. Students also gain the skills necessary to build interactive dashboards, gain insight into product management, business analysis, planning, and monitoring, understand the competencies of a product manager, product owner, product analyst, business analyst, master Agile Scrum methodologies, and learn how to work with SQL databases. The entire program combines real-world projects and virtual simulations to help students obtain domain experience in Digital Health and FinTech.

This Bright Path course offers training by industry leaders with over a decade of working experience as Product Professionals. Students will work on actual projects to build a skillset to obtain and excel in a new career as Product Managers, Product Analysts/Business Analyst.

This course does NOT require prior knowledge and experience, and it is open to everyone. This course is designed for those who want a career in Digital Product Management.

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    Poran Kazi
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    Tu/Th 7-10pm or
    Sa/Su 10am-3pm
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