Bright Path Institute of Science and Technology

Why go with Bright Path Institute of Science and Technology?

Unlike traditional boot camps and universities, Bright Path Institute of Science and Technology is an accredited and accelerated higher learning institution certified to operate by SCHEV.

Whether you're an organization or an individual looking to upskill, Bright Path can guide you in weeks rather than going through formal education for years. Our customized programs are geared toward bridging the skill gap for students, professionals, and organizations.

Bright Path train to enable individuals and organizations to collaborate across a wide range of expertise from FinTech to digital health, customer, and clinician insights to educate and facilitate a coordinated and personalized technology-enabled experience to take digital transformation to the next level.

Our mission is to provide high-quality interactive training to individuals from technical and non-technical backgrounds. We help them become an asset to society and fill today's skill gap in the job market. Our programs prepare scholars to develop Product, Business, Coding, Analytical, and Leadership skills, which sets them up for a prosperous future. We understand that everyone learns at a different pace, and we firmly believe that students who fall behind need extra help. We provide struggling students with additional support and mentorship to keep them up to speed. We stand behind our vision/goal and genuinely want all our students to succeed.

IT Experience

Do I need to know to code or have IT Experience?

Our course is designed in a way that anyone can start without having previous IT domain or coding knowledge.

Real Life Projects

Will I get hands-on Experience?

Yes, you'll get hands-on Experience on industry-level tools/software applications and domains, including our internal in-house projects.

Training Material

Do you provide Training Materials?

Yes! We provide with material including Documents, PowerPoint, Videos, Softwares and Certification prep material exclusively.

Career Support

Do you provide Career Support?

Yes! Career development support is offered to all students and alumni.

We provide resume enhancement support and career-related activities such as 1:1 interview preparation mentorship sessions, job-searching workshops, and networking events. Initial post-employment support is also offered. We will work with students until he/she gets a job.

Will Bright Path help me get a job after graduation?

Bright Path Institute of Science and Technology works hard to help you. Throughout the Bootcamp, we more than help students to learn. We do several things to help graduates of our immersive programs find jobs afterward:

  1. In-class training on networking, resumes, interviews, portfolio websites, LinkedIn, etc.
  2. Guidance on portfolio projects.
  3. Opportunities to network with potential employers. Contact information for each company in attendance is shared with students.
  4. One on one post-graduation help upon request - Resumes, LinkedIn, and portfolio site critique and guidance.
  5. We maintain a very regularly posted digital job board, most of whom are employers Bright Path Institute of Science and Technology has a relationship with.
  6. Monthly job prep workshops for alumni and current students.

We allow students more than just to learn about Business and IT. Our graduates will end up in a variety of positions, ranging from internships up to full-on Junior level positions. As with any course or Bootcamp, the number and type of opportunities that will open themselves to graduates will largely depend on what each student has put into the curriculum. Bright Path Institute of Science and Technology cannot guarantee jobs upon completion of the course. Why? Because your ultimate success depends mostly on what you do with the education you are given.

Financial Support

Need Help Financing Your Bootcamp Experience?

A lack of funds shouldn't be the reason why you hold off your education, especially if that education helps you get to where you want to be in your career. Luckily, there are many ways to finance your Bootcamp education.

Email us at with your questions so we can help you figure out the best financing option for you.

Other Financing Ideas

YOUR OWN FUNDS Bright Path Institute of Science and Technology tuition is an excellent value. If you have savings, investing in your education is a smart move, and there is no interest.

NO-INTEREST CREDIT CARDS Many BPT students can finance through attractive credit cards that offer no-interest or any charge for extended periods. We don't have specific recommendations, but NerdWallet has a great list.

FRIENDS AND FAMILY Students have found that parents, relatives, or friends will loan them the money on desirable terms. It never hurts to ask. After all, they want you to learn, grow, and better yourself more than anyone.

BANK LENDERS There are many banks, credit unions, and other lenders that make personal loans. Personal education loans are generally granted on very favorable terms. Some careful research may find the perfect lender for you.

CURRENT EMPLOYERS Some employers encourage this type of skills training and will pay for it. Ask your current manager if they are willing to finance all or part of your education.

If you have any questions, email our student accounting department at

Is the G.I. Bill or Financial Aid accepted?

Bright Path Institute of Science and Technology, a certified higher learning institution approved by the State Council of Higher Education for Virginia. While we currently do not accept GI Bill or other government funding through FASFA, grants, or financial aid, we have exciting plans to accommodate these options in the near future. Stay tuned for updates on our portal!

In the meantime, we provide various financing options to make your education accessible, and we also offer scholarships to make learning more affordable.

For further details on financing, feel free to reach out to us at:
We look forward to supporting your educational journey!

Does Bright Path Offers Scholarships?

Time to time, we do offer scholarships to individuals in need. To find out more information on scholarships, email: