DigitalHealth Accelerator Mentorship: Your path to success in the digital health sector!

Unlock new opportunities with tailored consultation/mentorship and a strong focus on customer and clinical strategy. Discover the power of AI and human-centered journeys to revolutionize healthcare delivery. Exclusively available for digital business certified individuals or those with 3-7 years of professional experience, including Master's degree holders in healthcare management, MDs, DOs, and PharmDs.

Nurses, doctors, pharmacists - ready to make the leap into the digital realm? This program is your ideal choice! Transform your career today!

Unlock New Paths with Expert Mentorship!
  • Group Consultation and Mentorship for Organizations: Reskill and upskill your associates with our top-notch program. Contact us for exclusive group rates.
  • Personalized Mentorship for Individuals: Self-funded and seeking mentorship or consultation?
Reach out to us at: info@brightpathtechnology.com

Please note: This is a mentorship program, not a state-certified diploma or certificate. It's designed to empower you on your unique journey!

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    Tu/Th 7-10pm or
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